Types of Loans

Island Capital Funding is uniquely positioned to offer financing solutions for all kinds of real estate. We specialize in many types of loans.

Construction Loans

When it comes to construction financing, a quick closing can mean the difference between lost opportunity versus a project on time and under budget. While banks are still in loan committee our construction borrowers are out of the ground and on their first or second draw. Our construction loan program is the fastest, simplest financing of its kind in the market today.

Residential Loans

We understand the value of “Closing Now” and transitioning to the next level. Since private money loans are short term in nature, most borrowers don’t want to endure a 30 day+ and seemingly intrusive underwriting process for a loan they plan on retiring within a year. For the borrower who wants to instantly access capital for any reason, we can be the fastest and simplest solution.

Commercial Loans

It’s an everyday reality that banks and traditional lenders can’t keep up with the speed of doing business. Being able to access the capital you need in just a few days can be imperative to preserving valuable business relationships or capitalizing on tremendous profit opportunities.  We have loaned funds to induviduals who understand the time value of money.  In every case, we are faster than a bank and cheaper than a partner!

Bridge Loans

If you have a property under contract with escrow funds at risk, or other financing that has fallen through at the last moment, we can step in with a short-term bridge loan to help you complete your transaction. This financing opens up your options, giving you time to turn the property at a profit, arrange for permanent financing, or implement an alternate strategy.

Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

We handle high-risk situations such as poor credit scores, limited net worth, and prior bankruptcies to help you achieve liquidity fast. We consider borrower circumstances that would be impossible for a traditional lender to fund.

Emergency “Project Rescue” Loans

If you have a distressed property or incomplete development, we can help rescue your project. We finance unoccupied and unfinished buildings where existing financing has been depleted. We also fund developers who are stepping in to take over a project.

Refinance and Cash Out

When liquidity is a problem, we can help refinance and cash out part of the equity in your property. This cash source can also be used when your equity is tied up in one property but you have found additional real estate opportunities to capitalize on.

Loans to Fit Individual Needs

As specialists in creative loan structures, we can accommodate cross-collateralization, multiple borrowers and unrelated-party guarantees. We loan on un-platted land and urban infill, large redevelopment or rezoning projects, phased-in equity, and other unique circumstances.