Island Capital Funding

Hawaii Hard Money Experts

Hawaii’s first choice for short term real estate hard money loans. Bring us your challenging loans and we’ll show you our solution!

Island Capital Funding is a privately held real estate transitional loan company specializing in funding projects that banks and mortgage companies will not. Our asset based loans (also known as hard money or private money loans) can be processed in days, not weeks or months.

We work with a all types of borrowers from the single family home owner with limited resources to the experienced real estate developer and investor who needs cash fast.

Island Capital Funding is in business to serve our clients with the following loans: raw land, single family and multifamily residential, office, industrial, retail and land development projects.

  • Fast closings. In as little as three days
  • Unconventional loans… to fit unusual requests and even the most complex real estate transactions
  • 25 Years’  experience. A deep understanding of real estate operations, development, funding and investment
  • A collaborative approach. We help you identify and resolve potential issues.
  • Honesty. We communicate often and openly with you throughout the process
  • A high close rate. For loans that have passed our quick initial prescreening process